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All New Jersey members of the Independent Drivers Guild are eligible to use our Dental Discount program. Drivers are automatically enrolled when they join Drivers Benefits, and can add their family members to their discount plan. Spouses, domestic partners, and children under 23 are eligible. Click below to enroll your family, or call us at 1-844-335-1264 to find out more!

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The MetrodentDirect network has hundreds of dentists, general practitioners, specialists meeting MetrodentDIRECT credentialing standards. Use any combination of dentists and switch at any time.

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Simply download or print out your membership card, bring it to your appointment, and pay the discounted rate at the time of your visit.

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Procedure Typical Charge You Pay You Save
X-RAYS-FULL MOUTH$187.00$60.00$127.00
RESIN - ONE SURFACE$236.00$60.00$176.00
CROWN-PORC.FUSED TO BASE METAL$1,468.00$575.00$893.00
ROOT CANAL THERAPY-MOLAR TOOTH$1,466.00$600.00$866.00
OSSEOUS SURGERY-PER QUADRANT$1,501.00$525.00$976.00
COMPLETE UPPER DENTURE$2,335.00$725.00$1,610.00

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* Typical Charge are based on a sampling of dentists' charges. These are only estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions

All NJ IDG members are eligible for Drivers Guild Dental Discount! If you are a member of IDG in New Jersey, click the link above to check your status or enroll your family. If you are not an IDG member and you qualify, call us at 1-844-335-1264 to learn how to sign up.
Normally it costs $150 to get access to these discounted rates, but members of the Independent Drivers Guild in NJ get this access for free.
Yes. Your spouse, domestic partner, and dependents up to the age of 23 can see participating dentists and receive services at a discounted rate. You just need to enroll them using the link above.
Make sure to download or print out and bring your member card with you. Dentists will verify your eligibility using the Member ID# on your card.
You can purchase a plan from Metrodent to continue seeing dentists in the plan at the discounted rate. Use the Discount Code DRIVERS to receive special pricing.

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Drivers Guild New Jersey Dental Discount is available for drivers and their immediate family members

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